Reader Question:

For about 13 decades i have already been single. Once I lost my task nine in years past, my ex-husband and child provided a bedroom so I wouldn’t be homeless. I am however with these people and we also get on. But You will find not discovered a career, and I haven’t found a night out together sometimes. My girlfriends say it is because no guy would like to be around a woman exactly who boards along with her ex. Today, nothing is I am able to carry out about living situation.

Are my friends appropriate?

-Louise (Oregon)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

In my opinion you may have place your standard individual needs when you look at the wrong order of priority. Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s famous hierarchy of human beings needs puts the order in this way:

1. Food, warmth and environment.

2. Safety of work, human anatomy and wellness.

3. Friendship, family and sexual closeness.

Friends and family are completely wrong about something. Guys aren’t keeping away from you because you board with your ex. Instead, you will be preventing males by not looking after your self basic and creating yourself dateable.

I guarantee you, you will be adorable and need is loved. However the first relationship you need to focus on could be the any with your self. Love yourself by improving your “level two” needs and one will come subsequent.

I suggest getting an emotional companion in a counselor. Look at your neighborhood university for a low-fee hospital.

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