Borasu Pass Trek

Borasu Pass Trek


(Sankri to Chitkul)
Service Tax @ 5% (GST)
  • Accommodation
  • Meals(Veg & Non-Veg)
  • High Rated Equipments
  • All Permits
  • Expert Trek Leader & Guide
  •  Expenses to and from the base camp

Every year lots of trekkers from around the world come for Har Ki Dun trek. It is one of the most beautiful all season treks. However, very few know that if you continue on the same trail further, you can cross into Himachal. The pass which you will be using to do so is known as “Borasu Pass“. It connects Tons Valley in Uttarakhand with Baspa Valley in Himachal. Trek to Barasu Pass offers the true promise of adventure. It is considered a strenuous trek, with pass located at a high altitude of 5360 M. The trek starts from Lovely “Taluka” Village and goes via villages of Gangaad, Dhatmir, Seema and Osla until Har Ki Dun. The trek passes through dense forests consisting of chestnut, walnut, willow and chinar trees. The trek from Osla to Har-ki-doon is through terraced mountain fields, lush green grassy patches, and thick coniferous forests The trail from Har ki Dun to Chitkul (In Himachal) covers all kinds of landscapes that may require the use of some technical equipment too. Being on the border of Indian Himalayas the pass is very close to Tibet. The Borasu Pass trek is meant for experienced trekkers only due to its taxing trail, boulder sections, multiple glacier crossings infested with crevasses, steep ascents and descents. The best months for the Borasu Pass Trek is May, June, Late-September and October. Stay on this page for more information on the Borasu Pass Trek.


Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Sankri

Report in Sankri by 3 PM. Sankri is 185 km away from Dehradun. If you opt for transport from us then we will pick you up from Dehradun ISBT by 7am and drive to Sankri. You can also get a shared taxi or public transport for Sankri early in the morning from Dehradun bus stand. It will take 7-9 hours for you to reach Sankri from Dehradun. Night stay in Hotel / Guesthouse

Day 2: Sankri to Taluka (12 Kms by Road ), Taluka to Seema (12 kms trek)

Early morning drive from Sankri to Taluka in a Taxi. Taluka is the starting point of our Borasu Pass Trek. After Breakfast in Taluka, we will Start trekking with packed lunch to Seema (2260m) on an even surface through thick forests of chestnuts, walnuts, willows, chinars and a variety of conifer trees. The trail is adorned with waterfalls. You could either opt for the steep climb of Dhaatmeer village or just trek along the Karmanasha stream. Both the routes meet at Gangaar village. Reach Seema Camps by late afternoon. Overnight stay in tents.

Day 3: Seema (2,200 M) to Har ki Dun (3,510 M) – 14 kms trek, 4-5 hours

The trail from Seema initially continues on the true left of the valley, goes past fields followed by crossing a hanging bridge over river Rupin, to the true right of the valley. The trail now ascends, go past through fields and pastures with huts. The coniferous flora on the opposite side of the valley is awesome and much adorable. The trail climbs to the ridge locally named as Kalkatti Dhar, from where the trail traverses to give you an awesome view of Har Ki Dun. From here initially, the trail climbs gradually and later gets steep in times go past through beautiful meadows to the campsite at Har Ki Dun. The campsite is by the small stream, with peaks of Har Ki Dun and Swargarohini towering above. Overnight in the tents.

Day 4: Har ki Dun (3,510 M) to Ratha Tho (4,200 M) via Morinda Tal (3,800 M) – 6 km, 4-5 hours

Cross the wooden bridge near Har ki Dun Forest Rest House and take the mud trail towards right leading to a lush green valley. Hata peak (just behind forest rest house ) and Swargarohini Peak are prominently seen from here. Continue on the trail which then passes through huge boulders. When the tree line ends, you see a huge valley with a stream coming from Morinda Tal, a glacial lake formed by the streams coming from Borasu Glacier. The valley gets narrower with huge rocks and boulders all around. Following this you will come across a green meadow and a rocky trail with an ascent that takes you to the campsite of Ratha Tho. We camp here for the night.

Day 5: Ratha Tho to Saunbhera – 2 hours

Today is going to be a short trek. The trail takes you through boulders and waters of Borasu Glacier with mesmerizing views of the Borasu Pass and peaks. Crossing streams the trail will take you to a flat meadow thus alternating between meadows and rocky terrain. We will continue walking over scree and thin ice with snow patches between rocky landscapes. Climbing a snowfield following a trek for about 30 mins will take you to the campsite of Saunbhera. This is a huge meadow with streams that flow down to form Marinda Tal. You get to see the Borasu Pass and other splendid peaks from this campsite. We camp here for the night. Spend the rest of the day resting and exploring the surroundings. Overnight in tents.

Day 6: Saunbhera to Borasu Pass Base Camp (Upper Lamjung) (4,900 M) – 3 to 4 hours

Today’s trek will be a short one as well. Leaving behind Saunbhera the trail takes you over scree with huge boulders and loose rocks. After an hour negotiating scree and moraines, you will reach the campsite of Upper Lamjung which is also the Borasu Pass Base Camp. The campsite area is quite limited but gives you the best view of the Borasu Pass. Lamjunga in local language means “Long Moustache” as the ridges below the pass give the appearance of a long moustache. Following a climb over a steep ridge, you will reach the Upper Lamjunga campsite where we will camp for the night. The campsite is between the Borasu Pass and the Borasu Glacier. Overnight in tents.

Day 7: Borasu Pass Base Camp (Upper Lamjung) (4,900 M) to Bonga (4,000 M) via Borasu Pass (5,360 M) – 12 kms, 7 to 8 hours

We start as early as possible with the first rays of sun shining on the surrounding peaks. Looking behind en route to the pass gives you beautiful views of the Borasu Glacier, Saunbhera campsite, green valleys and zig-zag streams. The trail takes you between boulders on a gradual snow slope that becomes steep eventually. The next 45 mins you will trek on a trail alternating between as steep slope and a plain snowfield. From this point onwards we might have to rope up or cut steps on the ice as the trail becomes steep with some loose rocks here and there. Three hours from the campsite is when you will reach the pass. The view from the pass is mindblowing with snow peaks, vertical snow slopes and the massive Zupica glacier which we will have to cross. We will have to rope up in order to descent from the pass to the other side. The trail takes you over the Zupica Glacier moraine followed by crossing of the Zupica Glacier over thin ice and crevasses for the next 30-45 mins. After ascending a steep scree slope you will have to walk over a ridge to reach the campsite of Bonga. Overnight in tents.

Day 8: Bonga (4,000 M) to Chitkul (3,430 M) – 14 km, 8-9 hours

Today’s trek is a long one of 14km that takes you on an initial trail of loose scree and rocks parallel to a stream with snow covered slopes on the other side of the stream. After a couple of hours of gradual descend the trail flattens taking you to a green meadow. For the next couple of hours the trail alternates between a flat terrain and boulders. After a few hours the trail takes you through a dense forest and further down to a meadow before reaching the ITBP camp. This is one of the best walks of this trek. Walk is under the shade with a gentle gradient with a flat trail for the next 3 hours taking you to Chitkul. Overnight in Chitkul Village. Borasu Pass Trek ends here. You may plan your return on the next day.

Day 9: Departure from Chitkul

This day is not included in the fee. In case you book your transportation from Chitkul to Shimla with us, the taxi will pick you up from the guest house in the morning. The drive to Shimla will be for 10-12 hours. Expect to reach Shimla by evening.

By Air:-
Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun is the nearest airport from Sankri but it is about 200 kms far from base camp. After your landing at Dehradun, you can travel the further journey with your trekking company by road.

By Train:-
Like the airport, Dehradun  is also the closest metal road to this trek. Further distance will have to be covered by the road to reach Bhradsar lake.

By Bus:-
After reaching Dehradun, you can catch a direct bus to Sankri from Massoorie bus stand which is just adjacent to the Dehradun railway station but before 8 am. However, you can also book the taxi to Sankri village or you can contact your trekking company to assist you.

Basics Gears

• Backpack & Rain Cover (40-60 Litres)
• Trekking Shoes
• Trekking Pole
• LED Torch
• Bring a tiffin box
• One Water Bottle (one litre)
• Basic Medications (or prescribed if any)

• Trekking Jacket
• Three (Five in winter) Warm Layers
• Two trek pants (one Wear and one carry)
• Two collared t-shirts
• Thermals

• Sunglasses
• Sunscreeen Lotion (SPF 50/70)
• Lip Balm (SPF 30)
• Sun cap
• Synthetic hand gloves
• Two pair of Socks
• Raincoat/Ponchos

• Daypack (20 litres), if you opt to offload your backpack
• Toiletries
• Cutlery
• Plastic cover (for wet clothes)

Mandatory Documents
Original and photocopy of government photo identity card- (Passport, Aadhaar Card, Driving license or voters ID)

Cancellation requests are available to taken over the phone.


In case you wish to cancel your trek please e-mail us at :
1- Cancellations up to 21 days prior to departure date – 70% refund
2- Between 21 days to 14 days prior to departure – 50% refund
3- Between 14 days to 10 days prior to departure- 30% refund
4- Less than 10 days of departure – No refund or you can transfer your trek (same batch date & same trek) to your dear one.

a) Change of trek batch date is dependent on the availability of seats in the batch.
b) In case of transferring a trek to your dear one, he/she should satisfy all the mandatory requirements lay down by Trekkaro.
c) Trek The Adventures holds the right to change/cancel the policies, without prior notice.


Refund Policy:
The applicable refund amount will be processed within the 10 working days.

We are the best to provide all the services we have. In fact, our wish to excel goes beyond the point where your boots hit the trail – it begins the moment that you get in contact with us, and it never ends. We have greatly appreciate the hikkers who connect with us. “Trek The Adventures” Blessed Always best for you.

Your Expectations

• Safety
Of course, this is a non-negotiable. Safety is embedded in our business and it’s something that we take very seriously in all our treks. It’s the primary reason we’re very popular in just a year.

• Personalized Service, Care, and Attention to Detail
For some organizations, this is, surprisingly, negotiable. But it isn’t for us. After safety, if we can do one thing right, every time, it’s to ensure that we sweat the small things.

• The Best Guides
If you are already trekking with us, then you’d be forgiven for thinking our guides are superhuman. It doesn’t mean feat to entertain, cook, guide and facilitate, but for our guides, they handle it with grace and all the while the attention is on you.

• The Best Itineraries
It takes a lot of refinement to make a perfect trek, from dawn to dusk there are a LOT of moving part and potential for things to go awry. From last one year, we’ve balanced on the tight rope of offering the right amount of activity, flexibility and trek time. Whilst utilizing the best lodgings in the most unique places.

• Value
We’re not in the business of making money and provide you nothing. Our treks aren’t expensive, they represent excellent value for money and for those seeking to maximize their time, there is no better way.

Our Expectations
It may come as a surprise, but the reality is that it is a two-way street (or trail), you are ultimately responsible for the nature of the experience that you have with us. And not only that, but you also have an influence on the experience of others’ in your small group.

• Attitude
This is your vacation, and the attitude that you bring will set the tone for your experience. We get that at times it’s difficult (we plan to challenge you) and we get that at times it’s a bit uncomfortable (this is not a cruise trip). All we ask you to keep an open mind, a big smile on your face and readiness for the unexpected.

• Physical preparedness
Our treks are designed for everyday people. You definitely don’t have to be an athlete, but to be fair for yourself and your group members, you do need to be ready. Worried about it? Do not stress it, our team is 100% dedicated to helping you pick the right trek, bring the right gear and be physically and mentally prepared.

• Know who’s in charge
As we’ve mentioned, you rightly expect when you join our trek to be in good, safe hands. For us to ensure the entire group’s safety, we suppose you, as our guest, to listen to your lead guide. They are the expert when it comes to decisions made on the trek.


Rs. 18000/-

(Sankri to Chitkul)
Service Tax @5% (GST)


Day 01: Arrival in Sankri.

Day 02: Sankri to Taluka (12 Kms by Road ), Taluka to Seema (12 kms trek)

Day 03: Seema (2,200 M) to Har ki Dun (3,510 M) – 14 kms trek, 4-5 hours

Day 04: Har ki Dun (3,510 M) to Ratha Tho (4,200 M) via Morinda Tal (3,800 M) – 6 km, 4-5 hours

Day 05: Ratha Tho to Saunbhera – 2 hours

Day 06: Saunbhera to Borasu Pass Base Camp (Upper Lamjung) (4,900 M) – 3 to 4 hours

Day 07: Borasu Pass Base Camp (Upper Lamjung) (4,900 M) to Bonga (4,000 M) via Borasu Pass (5,360 M) – 12 kms, 7 to 8 hours

Day 08: Bonga (4,000 M) to Chitkul (3,430 M) – 14 km, 8-9 hours

Day 09: Departure from Chitkul





Purola has the last ATM point before you reach Sankri (Basecamp) if you need to withdraw money.

Purola is the last place before you reach Sankri (Basecamp) where you’re likely to get a stable mobile signal and at Mori, you’re likely to get Jio Network only. This is about 2 hours before Sankri, the base camp. Finish all your important phone calls here and inform anxious family members about limited phone connectivity.


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